Triple Threat (3 Story Bundle)

Triple Threat (3 Story Bundle), Patterson James, DiLallo Max и др.
Patterson James, DiLallo Max и др.
Издательство: Random House
Год издания: 2016
ISBN: 978-1-78653-058-5
Серия: BookShots
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James Patterson's BookShots. Short, fast-paced, high-impact entertainment. From the world's bestselling thriller writer, three pulse-pounding stories in one book! CROSS KILL: Along Came a Spider killer Gary Soneji has been dead for over ten years. Alex Cross watched him die. But today, Cross saw him gun down his partner. Is Soneji alive? A ghost? Or something even more sinister? Nothing will prepare you for the wicked truth. ZOO 2 (with Max DiLallo): James Patterson's ZOO was just the beginning. The planet is still under violent siege by ferocious animals. Humans are their desperate prey. Except some humans are evolving, mutating into a savage species that could save civilisation — or end it. THE PRETENDER (with Andrew Bourelle): Logan Bishop is a thief living off a stash of stolen diamonds. But when his murderous ex-partner tracks him down, Logan must find a way to turn the tables — or lose the only woman who can handle the truth.


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