ArchiMap. Карта Самары 1920-1940 (английская версия)

ArchiMap. Карта Самары 1920-1940 (английская версия),
Издательство: TATLIN
Год издания: 2017
ISBN: 978-5-00075-145-9
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The architecture guide serves to recreate the reality of Samara (Kuybyshev) in the 1920-1940's, which is the formative period of the constructivism landmarks. This publication presents 11 walking routes (each ~5 km-long) that comprise 123 sites and 1 additional directions. Each site has a corresponding photo mark on the back of the map, and for each there is a name, address and route's site number listed. The guidebook includes an introductory article by historians of architecture.

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