Textbook of Human Anatomy. Volume 2: Splanchnology

Textbook of Human Anatomy. Volume 2: Splanchnology, Колесников Лев Львович
Колесников Лев Львович
Издательство: ГЭОТАР-Медиа
Год издания: 2018
ISBN: 978-5-9704-4540-2
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This book provides essential facts of human anatomy for medical students. It demonstrates the basic knowledge for exam preparation and practice review of visual experiences. Plenty of clear illustrations (more than 900 pictures, radiographic and cross-sectional images) help students memorize the topics of anatomy. Modern imaging technologies allow the depiction of organs and systems in a variety of ways to gain thorough knowledge and to link to the clinical setting. The content of the book corresponds to the Federal Program for medical education. Material is divided according to systemic anatomy into three volumes. Volume 2 contains information about internal organs development (Respiratory, Urinary, Reproductive, Lymphoid, Cardiovascular systems and Endocrine glands).

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