The Wanderer’s Necklace & Red Eve = Ожерелье

The Wanderer’s Necklace & Red Eve = Ожерелье, Haggard Henry Rider
Haggard Henry Rider
Издательство: Т8
Год издания: 2018
ISBN: 978-5-521-07750-2
Серия: The Complete Works of
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Sir Henry Rider Haggard was an English writer of adventure novels set mostly in Africa, and a founder of the Lost World literary genre. The Wanderer’s Necklace is a story of Olaf, a Norseman in the eighth century A.D. who flees his homeland after challenging the Norse god Odin’s right to a human sacrifice. He travels to Constantinople to protect the Empress Irene Augusta from her son Constantine the Fifth and other enemies of the Eastern Roman Empire. From Byzantinum, to the pyramid tombs of Upper Egypt, Olaf becomes a traveling Christian who must reject the adulterous advances of Irene. In Red Eve Haggard sets a suspenseful love story against some of the most dramatic events in history, including the devastation brought by the Black Plague.


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